Boil Water Advisory Issued for NorthWest D.C. Neighborhood After Main Break

May 9, 2024

By Kasandra Rattle, Hoodline

May 9, 2024

Residents in parts of Northwest D.C. have been slapped with a Boil Water Advisory after a 20-inch water main ruptured Wednesday, leaving 4,800 customers fretting over their tap water. The advisory affects neighborhoods including Upper Chevy Chase, Ft. Reno, and American University. DC Water is urging residents to not drink or cook with tap water unless it’s been boiled first.

The issue began to unfold on May 8, when DC Water received a wave of calls from customers reporting low or no water pressure. In response, DC Water moved quickly to fix the issue, with pressure restored in most areas by 11:30 am the following day. However, they advise to still vigorously boil all water used for ingestion. According to DC Water’s website, the advisory will remain in effect until tests can reliably show the water is safe, which is hoped to be by May 10 at the earliest.

As outlined on the DC Water website, residents should discard any ice or beverages prepared after the water main break and run tap water until it’s clear before boiling. If present, known sources of lead should prompt running the water for an additional two minutes before boiling. Residents in the non-affected areas can continue using water as normal.

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