Municipal Leadership Award Program

The MLA program will recognize innovative and instructional HDPE projects annually at its Industry Showcase. The program has a threefold objective. The first is to celebrate innovative and instructional HDPE municipal jobs that highlight the unique characteristics of HDPE pipe in municipal settings. The second is to provide recognition for the people and companies that are “making a difference” in the municipal water market. And finally, the Alliance needs a conduit of case study data to enhance its completed project case study library.

Please provide us with the following information about the project in as much detail as you can. If you have any questions, please contact Peter Dyke

    In the following section please tell us about the project facts, unique nature and innovative elements of the project. What particular problem did it solve and how did it benefit the public. Tell us why it fits into the category you selected. These can include cost effectiveness, environmental benefits, the showcasing of new equipment, the urgency of the project, the difficult environmental conditions under which the project was completed, if the project was completed ahead of schedule, if the project minimized disruption to the municipality, or other notable aspects. Several project photos are required.

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