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Alliance For PE Pipe, Inc. Distributor/Contractor Membership Information and Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Alliance for PE Pipe. The Alliance is a membership organization dedicated to the promotion of smooth-wall High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe to the municipal water and sewer market. The Alliance engages in marketing and educational activities to promote the use of HDPE in water and sewer applications.

Membership for Distributors of HDPE Pipe and Contractors who bid and install HDPE pipe projects is FREE.

Membership Obligations, Duties, Responsibilities

Distributor and Contractor Membership is a non-voting, non-dues-paying affiliate membership. The Requirements of Membership are that you are:

    • A pipe distributor that sells HDPE pipe.

    • A contractor that installs HDPE pipe.

    • An entity that is committed to growing the market share of HDPE pipe in the municipal water and sewer market.

Membership in the Alliance is an authorization for the Alliance to list your company name on the Alliance website, in collateral material and in other mechanisms for the promotion of HDPE pipe.

Alliance members are welcome to attend semi-annual General Membership Meetings at their own cost.

Upon Submission of your Membership Application, you will be notified of receipt by the Alliance and shortly thereafter, will be notified if your application has been approved by the Alliance Board of Directors.

NOTE: If you are not a distributor or contractor and are interested in joining the Alliance please contact Peter Dyke.


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