Why PE Pipe

More and more, Americans are beginning to recognize that water is the precious resource. Join the thousands of municipalities that protect that water and lower their costs by using HDPE, the leak-free system! A fused monolithic system is not the only advantage of HDPE. HDPE (PE) is also the Trenchless pipe. PE Pipe is fused above grade and pulled into the host pipe with little surface construction required. It is so flexible and tough that it can be bent around cul-de-sacs and pulled through excavations 15’ below grade and still maintain its integrity for a 2500’ single, trenchless pull.

Not only is PE pipe leak-free and trenchless, it now has longevity, too. PE pipe systems will last well over 100 years with no pitting, cracking, corroding, or any other of the typical failure problems of incumbent pipe systems. Let’s also add cost to the list of benefits. HDPE has the lowest lifecycle cost of all municipal pipe materials. In most cases, it also has the lowest installed cost because trenchless is typically only 50 – 75% of the cost of open cut installations. Open cut project costs are often lower as well because HDPE does not require wide trenches since workers fuse above-grade versus in the trench, as is done with other systems.

HDPE Pipe is leak-free, tough, flexible, fully-restrained, and cost competitive. Plus, it’s great for trenchless applications. Any one of these attributes makes it a winner, but combined, these features make HDPE pipe THE responsible infrastructure choice of the future.

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