Hiker Alarmed To Find Pipe Feeding China’s Tallest Waterfall

June 8, 2024

By Victor Tangermann, The Byte June 8, 2024 A video making the rounds on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, unmasks a hidden pipe feeding what’s claimed to be the country’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall — an engineering trick seemingly designed to put on a show for visitors. The clip, shared by a local hiker, shows a concrete-clad pipe… >> Read More

Broken high-pressure pipe has been leaking sewage into Onondaga Lake for two days

June 7, 2024

By Glenn Coin, June 7, 2024 Syracuse, N.Y. — A high-pressure sewer line owned by Onondaga County broke early Thursday morning and has been spewing 100 gallons of raw sewage every minute into Onondaga Creek. The same pipe has busted at least three other times since 2013, spilling tens of millions of gallons of… >> Read More

Mexico City is just the beginning. Here are 11 other cities at risk of running out of water.

June 5, 2024

By Jenny McGrath, Ellyn Lapointe, and Jessica Orwig, Business Insider June 5, 2024 Mexico City is on the brink of a water catastrophe. Experts predict that the city of 8.8 million people could run out of drinking water this month. But Mexico City is not the first city with a water crisis and it won’t be the last…. >> Read More

Chemours pauses production in Mexico amid drought

June 4, 2024

By Sara Samora, Manufacturing Drive June 4, 2024 The Chemours Co. paused production at its titanium dioxide manufacturing facility in Altamira, Mexico, beginning May 31, due to the country’s ongoing drought. The decision comes after the Mexico state of Tamaulipas government requested the company and other manufacturers in the area to minimize their water intake, Chemours stated in the… >> Read More

Will Mexico City Run Out of Water?

May 10, 2024

By Jordan Kinard, Scientific American May 10, 2024 The global press recently warned that as early as June 2024, Mexico City, home to 22 million people, could face “Day Zero”—the complete loss of fresh water at the taps. The situation on the ground, although dire, is more nuanced. “Day Zero is a bit of an… >> Read More

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