Mexico City water crisis nearing ‘day zero’

February 25, 2024

By Mark Moran, UPI February 25, 2024 Feb. 25 (UPI) — Mexico City, one of the world’s largest and most densely populated cities, could be on the verge of running out of water, and prolonged drought and above-average temperatures are hastening the problem, Mexican authorities have said.  In recent days, some Mexico City residents have protested in the streets… >> Read More

Just six years from now, Georgetown may not have enough water for everyone

February 25, 2024

By Kailey Hunt, Texas Public Radio February 25, 2024 Georgetown, the fastest growing city in the U.S. and home to more than 86,000 people, must find a new water source by 2030 in order to avoid supply shortages, according to a city report.  It’s something Jonathan Moore thinks about a lot. Since moving to Georgetown in 2021, Moore… >> Read More

Kid Rock’s house one of several at risk as ocean eats away Florida coast

February 15, 2024

By Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather February 15, 2024 Incredible video emerged this week showing severe erosion of homes in Jupiter Inlet Colony in Jupiter, Florida, north of Palm Beach. About 70% of the county’s 47 miles of coastline is considered “critically eroded,” according to Palm Beach Country’s Department of Environmental Resources Management.  Properties threatened include homes belonging… >> Read More

NJ’s Plastic Bag Ban Backfires Horribly

February 14, 2024

By Jon Miltimore, AIER February 14, 2024 There’s a famous scene in Seinfeld in which George passes on a TV pilot deal with NBC, only to later accept for less money than originally offered.  “In other words, you held out for less money,” Jerry says after George tells him the deal. “You know the basic idea of negotiation, as I understand it,… >> Read More

The city of tomorrow will run on your toilet water

February 12, 2024

By February 12, 2024 THE RESIDENTS OF the 40 floors of San Francisco apartments above our heads may live in luxury, but really, they’re just like the rest of us: showering, washing their hands, doing laundry. Normally in the US, all their water would flush out to a treatment facility, and eventually out to a body of water; 34… >> Read More

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