The Canadian Tour

The highlight of the Alliance October activities was the CANADIAN TOUR. The Alliance conducted 9 shows in four weeks in three Canadian Provinces. We met hundreds of people in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. We have been active in all three provinces for several years and have begun to see municipal adoption as a result. Working with two different partners has made an incredible difference in reaching the market. Both Sandale and ISCO AH McElroy are very committed to the municipal market throughout the Canadian provinces. Also we are thankful for the good folks at Infra Pipe Solutions who helped us fund the program with their sponsorship of all nine shows. We obtained several solid leads for our distributor partners and learned a lot about how HDPE is put in the ground from new friends and customers. Thank you also to Robar, Infra Pipe, George Fischer, Footage, GF Urecon, and Improved Piping Products for supporting the effort by deploying staff and helping to educate our users.
Cant wait until Next year !!!!