Flint Michigan

In April of 2014, the infamous Flint Michigan water crisis began. Flint leadership switched its water source to the Flint River in a cost-cutting measure. The corrosive river water leached lead from aging pipes, exposing residents to dangerous levels of the toxin. Children were particularly affected, suffering developmental delays and other health problems. Despite mounting evidence of the crisis, officials downplayed the risks for months. The crisis sparked outrage and distrust in government, and its effects continue to be felt today. Subsequent to the events, The PE Alliance lobbied the council, talked to staff and communicated with consulting civil engineers to share the features and benefits of HDPE pipe. After 4 years of conversations, meetings and demonstrations, the city’s chief engineer asked the PE Alliance to conduct its popular HDPE Total Solutions Roadshow. The city invited their consulting civil engineer pool and asked their waterworks staff to attend. HDPE is now an approved product in the Flint standard specification.  

Illustration: clips from Peter interviewing Mark Adas