To’hajiilee Community

The PE Alliance played a crucial role in successfully bringing water to To’hajiilee, a small community in the Navajo nation. After a battle for the needed land easement the county commissioner succeeded in getting the 7.7 mile waterline underway. Civil Engineer Souder Miller designed a new gravity installation for a 13,600 LF, 10″ DR17 pipeline in New Mexico and sought the PE Alliance’s expertise in open cut logistics and deep HDPE installation. The PE Alliance engineers provided essential support through plan and specification reviews, edits, and assistance during the bid process, ensuring a well-executed pipeline. This project resolved the community’s long-standing struggle for clean water, bringing improved infrastructure, better health, and a higher quality of life to To’hajiilee residents. 

Pictured here is water out of the sink from a To’hajiilee resident before the installation on the HDPE Water Main